cloudwatch overview

Why do we monitor? Because we want to test the application before its too late, before an application breaks down. What is cloudwatch? monitoring and observability platform that provides insight into AWS architecture. collecting data, analyzing it, and proactively solving problems. Cloudwatch can collect system level metrics. The more managed the service, the more you… Continue reading cloudwatch overview

route 53

What is DNS Used to convert human friendly domain names into IP addresses. IP addresses commonly come in 2 forms: IPv4 and IPv6. Its like looking up a telephone number in a phone book. IPv4 addresses are running out. 4 billion different addresses. 32 bit field. IPv6 is 128 bits, is 340 undecillion addresses. Route… Continue reading route 53


VPC Overview Think of a VPC as a virtual data center in the cloud. Logically isolated section of the AWS Cloud. Fully Customizable network. Web Servers – public facing subnet. Application private subnet. Can only speak to web tier and database tier. Databases – private subnet You can create hardware VPNs connection between your corporate… Continue reading vpc’s


Relational Database Service (RDS) Data is organized into Tables. Table is like a spreadsheet. Rows – the data items, columns – fields in the database. RDS is used for online transaction workloads. OLTP. OLTP for transactions in real time, e.g. customer orders, banking transactions, payments, and booking systems. OLAP process complex queries to analyze historical… Continue reading databases

elastic block storage (EBS) and elastic file system (EFS)

EBS Designed for mission critical workloads. Automatically replicated within a single Availability zone to protect against hardware failures scalable. Can dynamically increase capacity and change the volume type with no downtime or performance impact to your live systems. General Purpose (gp2). A balance of price and performance. 3 IOPS per GiB, up to max of… Continue reading elastic block storage (EBS) and elastic file system (EFS)

elastic compute cloud (EC2)

On Demand instances Flexible Short Term Testing the Water Reserved Instances Applications with steady state or predictible usage Specific Capacity Requirements Pay upfront to reduce computing costs further. Up to 72% off the on-demand price Convertible Reserved instances – up to 54% off. Has the option to change to a different RI of equal or… Continue reading elastic compute cloud (EC2)


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