Azure Using ARM Templates

Components of ARM Templates Parameters: used to pass information to the template Variables: used to pass information to the template Resources: used to define resources in the template Outputs: used to return output from the execution of the template Demonstration: { “$schema”: “”, “contentVersion”: “”, “parameters”: { “vmName”: { “type”: “string”, “defaultValue”: “vm-demo-04”, “metadata”: {… Continue reading Azure Using ARM Templates

Azure Portal and Cloud Shell

What is the Azure Portal? Login portal for azure cloud create and manage Azure Resources Uses Cloud Shell Bash or Powershell ability to upload/download files Log in via Azure AD Identity Create Azure resources Manage Azure resources Manage Azure via Cloud Shell Manage Billing via Portal Log Support Tickets Using Azure CLI and PowerShell Describing… Continue reading Azure Portal and Cloud Shell

Azure Support

Plans BASIC AND ALL PLANS 24/7 Access to billing and subscription support Online Self-Help Azure documentation and white papers (guides on complex scenarios) Forums – support with other Azure users to ask and answer questions Azure Advisor – best practice recommendations for multiple Azure services Service Health – access to current and future planned maintenance… Continue reading Azure Support

Azure Pricing

Pricing Structure On Premises – utilization is well below 100%. No monthly costs, large upfront cost, pay for utilities. Azure – you don’t own the hardware. Pay for hours you use. Pay more for resources. Service payment is tiered, Location can affect price. Subscriptions All resources belong to a subscription. Multiple Subscriptions – any azure… Continue reading Azure Pricing

Azure Security

Defense in Depth Physical Hardware – you are responsible for security of hardware, buildings, staff 7 General Layers of Cloud Computing Physical Identity and Access Perimeter Network Compute Gateways and Firewalls Data Securing Network Connectivity Firewall: Rules, Variations, Critical Part DDoS: 2012 6 US banks flooded with 60GB of traffic every second, 2014 CloudFlare was… Continue reading Azure Security

Azure Solutions

Internet of Things Azure IoT hub. PaaS. Managed and Secure, Ease of Deveployment, Scaling and Authentication IoT Central. SaaS. No Coding needed. Pre-made connectors. Azure Sphere. Use specific hardware chipsets, specific service for updates and maintenance, Azure Sphere OS Big Data Big Data = better service, better products, more profits. Parallel Processing. Data Lake Analytics… Continue reading Azure Solutions

Azure Authentication & Authorization

Identity Services Authenticated, then authorized Authentication: making sure you are you, confirming identity, first test for access Authorized: comes after authentication, do you get access?, granular control Azure Active Directory Active Directory was designed for traditional office with computers and printers, was not designed for “Web” AAD Service: every azure account needs a first user… Continue reading Azure Authentication & Authorization

Azure Databases

Cosmos DB Global from the go it is very easy to expand to more regions with Cosmos DB and have the data stay in sync Single digit millisecond latency various SDKS in C#, Java, Node.js lots of data platforms to integrate with including SQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra costs can run up quickly! Azure SQL Db… Continue reading Azure Databases

Azure Storage

Storage Account = Unique Azure Namespace (every object has its own web address) (<storage-account>.<storagetype> Blob Binary Large Object Stored in containers doesn’t matter what size they are all items will have a unique address “Block blobs” “append blobs” – logging data from VMs “Page Blogs” store files up to 8TB, any part of the file… Continue reading Azure Storage