Azure Support


    • 24/7 Access to billing and subscription support
    • Online Self-Help Azure documentation and white papers (guides on complex scenarios)
    • Forums – support with other Azure users to ask and answer questions
    • Azure Advisor – best practice recommendations for multiple Azure services
    • Service Health – access to current and future planned maintenance on the Azure Platform
  • Developer Price $. Business Hours Email
  • Standard Price $$. 24/7 Email/Phone Support.
  • Professional Direct $$$. 24/7 Email/Phone Support.
  • Premier $$$$. 24/7 Email/Phone Support.
  • Unlimited Support Cases
  • Azure Configuration: Guidance/Troubleshooting
  • Response Time: Developer/Standard Sev C : <8 hours, Professional Direct and Premier < 4 hours. Severity B. Standard <4 hours, Professional/Professional Direct <2 Hours. Severity A <1 hour Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier
  • Architecture Support. General Guidance, General Guidance, Arch. Guidance, Customer Specific
  • Operations Support. Onboarding Reviews for Professional Direct,and Tech Reviews/Reporting/Tech Account Management for premier
  • Training: Webinars for Professional Direct, Premier on demand.


  • A ticket is a support inquiry, and a ticket is a unique identifier, a ticket is a reference to an issue. Support tickets through the azure portal.


  • Support Channels
    • Azure Documentation – written by technical experts, product managers
    • Forums – suits everyone from beginners to experts. Ask questions, answer some, and search for past knowledge being shared.
    • Social Media – direct support from Azure as a team and other Microsoft experts and community heroes

Azure on Q&A

  • Central knowledgebase
    • You can’t add a new question or add to an existing one.
  • Questions are Awesome

Service Level Agreements

  • Azure service level guarantees. Services are stable. A contract between a service provider and a client.
  • How do I know they’re fixing the problem? How to do the problem when the VM isn’t on?
  • A contract with the power company and how long the power stays out.
  • If there’s a breach in the SLA, you can claim.
  • There are many SLAs in Azure.
  • SLAs can have various levels depending on the number and variety of services, which region you use, and much more.
  • SLA’s are given by microsoft – not something you choose. NO SLAs for free products and services!
  • If you run single VM there is a 99.9% uptime.

Service Lifecycle

  • Could ask customers for help when testing a new service before Microsoft has put time developing a product or service
  • Some services start in a Private phase – invite only by the product team for the service
  • Some services start as a public preview for evaluation services
  • General Availability – means azure services are generally available to all customers with a normal service, including SLA
  • For new features, watch for previews, new features and updates by the Azure updates feed –

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