Azure Solutions

Internet of Things

  • Azure IoT hub. PaaS. Managed and Secure, Ease of Deveployment, Scaling and Authentication
  • IoT Central. SaaS. No Coding needed. Pre-made connectors.
  • Azure Sphere. Use specific hardware chipsets, specific service for updates and maintenance, Azure Sphere OS

Big Data

  • Big Data = better service, better products, more profits.
  • Parallel Processing. Data Lake Analytics includes parallel processing
  • HDInsights. Using all open source frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka
  • Azure Databricks. Based on Apache Spark, distributed cluster-computing framework. Can run and process many computers simultaneously. Databricks provides all the computing power and integrates with other Azure Storage Services
  • Azure Synapse Analytics. Synapse SQL language to manipulate data. Speed, Cost Reduction, Better Decision Making, New Products and Services

Machine Learning

  • Models
  • Knowledge Mining
  • Built-in Apps
  • Azure Bot Service. PaaS for building a Q&A bot, virtual assistants, and more. Create using a visual editor or programming. Natural Language and speech integration. Use your own branding.
  • Azure Cognitive Services. Vision, Decision, Speech.
  • Machine Learning Studio. Visual tool. Pre-made modules for your project.
  • Machine Learning Service
    • End-to-end Service
    • Tooling
    • Automation of models


  • yes there are servers, extreme PaaS
  • Azure Functions. Single Task is performed every time. Basic Compute Unit
  • Logic Apps. Connect Systems. Automation. Quick start
  • Event Grid. Routing Service, Serverless, Ease of Use


  • Azure DevOps – platform consisting of 5 tools
    • Azure Boards
    • Azure Pipelines: CI/CD
    • Azure Repos: Source Code
    • Azure Test Plans: Design tests of applications to implement automatically
    • Azure Artifacts: share applications and code libraries
  • Azure DevTest Labs: allows developers and engineers to create environments for test and development
    • Environment Management: create environments for test/development
    • Cost Management: you won’t incur unexpected costs
    • Templates: tailor development and test environments and re-use the with template deployments
  • GitHub and GitHub Actions
    • Code Repository service for lots of big and small projects
    • A favorite among open-source communities
    • GHActions: very similar to Azure Pipelines, build code/test/publish code, works with almost any platform such as AWS, GCP, and many more

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