Azure Databases

Cosmos DB

  • Global from the go
  • it is very easy to expand to more regions with Cosmos DB and have the data stay in sync
  • Single digit millisecond latency
  • various SDKS in C#, Java, Node.js
  • lots of data platforms to integrate with including SQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra
  • costs can run up quickly!

Azure SQL

  • Db as a service
  • take care of hardware and infrastructure needs
  • Frictionless Process
  • Cost saving
  • Built in machine learning
  • Optimization: suggests how to improve performance of Azure SQL Instances
  • Warnings: you will get warnings of degrading instances, and if anything out of the ordinary is happening
  • Space: up to 100 TB in size
  • Security: built in security features of the azure cloud platform
  • SQL Database vs SQL Managed Instance
    • No differences: Language features, database features, security features, data models
    • Differences:
    • SQL Database: recovery from automated backups only, Geo-replication, autoscale supported in serverless model, automating tuning, no SQL Server Profiler, no SQL Server Agent
    • SQL Managed Instance: Recovery from automated backups and full SQL backups, no geo-replication, no autoscale, no automatic tuning, SQL server profiler, SQL server Agent


  • Open source relational database
  • Platform as a service offering, don’t have to manage hardware or servers
  • Development Focus on your business strengths instead of managing servers and networks
  • Choice of language such as PHP and WordPress
  • High Availability with ease
  • Azure Security features
  • Cloud Capabilities such as database patching


  • Open source relational database, similar to MySQL
  • free and stable, default database for mac OS
  • programming language of choice such as Ruby on Rails and Python
  • Easily scaleable to hundreds of nodes
  • Performance Recommendations: get notified of disruptive events
  • Fully Managed: database patching, automated backups
  • PostgreSQL used Financial Applications, Government, Manufacturing

Database Migration Services

  • Single Tool to migrate to Microsoft SQL to Azure SQL
  • detailed guides from migrating non-microsoft databases

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