3D printing

Background You might be wondering why I am writing about 3D printing out of the norm of my blog. I had the opportunity to work with Ralph Iannone and Jack Smorto, two engineers who were fellow classmates of mine at Stevens Institute of Technology. Our goal is to print game items for giant Monopoly and… Continue reading 3D printing


Migrating Data with AWS Snow Family Snowcone, Snowball Edge, Snowmobile Its a sack of hard drives that amazon ships to you. Some have built in computing. Ship the data physically to AWS. Snowcone – 8TB of storage, 4 GB of memory, 2 vCPUs. Easily migrate data to AWS after you’ve processed it. IoT sensor integration,… Continue reading migration


Manazing Multiple AWS Accounts with Organizations AWS Organization allows us to create multiple AWS accounts and apply standards. In the Prod, Development, Beta accounts. If we separate out accounts, something that happens in one account does not affect another account. Logging Account – an AWS account that has S3 buckets. Cloudtrail can centralize logs on… Continue reading governance


Caching Overview What is caching? Example: buying a freezer 25 feet away, then buying ice cream at a factory 25 miles away. Where do we cache? We cache data thats going to be returned to our users (images, videos, and static content). We can cache internally as well – caching queries that query our databases.… Continue reading caching



Why do we automate? time security consistency Cloudformation – infrastructure as code. Elastic Beanstalk – scaling web applications and services developed with a variety of supported languages Systems Manager – gives you the ability to patch, update, manage, and configure your EC2 instances along with on-premise architecture Lazy is a good thing – whenever possible,… Continue reading automation


DDoS Overview Distributed Denial of Service attack is an attack that attempts to make your website unavailable to your end users. Layer 4 DDoS attack is often referred to as a SYN flood. It works at the transport layer (TCP). To establish a TCP connection a 3-way handshake takes place. The client sends a SYN… Continue reading security



Serverless computing Lambda and Fargate. Lambda is a serverless compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing the underlying servers. Its like you’re running code without computers. Runtime – you pick an available runtime or bring your own. Permissions – you need to attach a role for an AWS API call Networking… Continue reading serverless

big data

Exploring large redshift databases The 3 V’s of Big Data: Volume – ranging from terabytes to petabytes Variety – includes data from a wide range of sources and formats Velocity – businesses require speed, data needs to be collected, stored, processed, and analyzed within a short period of time. Redshift is a fully managed petabyte-scale… Continue reading big data

decoupling workflows

3 upcoming services: Simple Queue Service (SQS) Simple Notification Service (SNS) API Gateway Avoid answers that include tight coupling – such as an EC2 instance that talks to another EC2 instance. Messaging with Simple Queue Service (SQS) Poll based messaging : producer of messages that sends a message, and then a backend consumer can get… Continue reading decoupling workflows


high availability and scaling

Horizontal and Vertical Scaling Vertical Scaling : sizing up the virtual image Horizontal Scaling : a collection of EC2 instances. Increases high availability if we’re using multiple availability zones. 3 W’s of scaling : What do we scale? What templates do we use? Where do we scale? Should we scale the database or the webservers?… Continue reading high availability and scaling